photo courtesy Brett Carlsen for The New York Times

About Jeff Callahan

Inventor of the NOS360 Rotating Wheelchair Platform

Ronald Jeffrey (Jeff) Callahan received as a gift a 4/10 shotgun the same year he shot his first squirrel in 1969. Callahan, was 9 years old and had already been hunting for two years with his grandfather in the rural “farm lands” of Poughkeepsie N.Y. Callahan remembers outings when his grandfather would shoot more than 30 squirrels in a day and when a mornings hunt from their backwoods property would on other given days harvest several different types of game. He also recalled seasonal shooting with his grandfather from ground blinds that he used to gather the grass, leaves, different types of tree limbs to construct the blinds he hunted from.

Almost 2 decades later at the age of 26 Callahan, fell from a a tree-stand and became a quadriplegic with paralysis from the neck down. Callahan’s’ ambition and love for the outdoors’ didn’t stop his passion to do what many others’ told him was impossible with his physical limitations.

Today’s power wheelchairs allow Callahan to do many things but hunting for over 15 years has always been a grueling challenge of mobility and a game at times of mere inches to harvest the bounty. With Callahan’s’ invention he feels confident that he will help not only the individuals experiencing his frustrations, but allow the market that caters to assisting disabled outdoorsmen to accomplish a “win-win” solution for everyone.